Practice Exams - PALS Certification Institute

We include free unlimited unique PALS pretests to help you study for the final PALS exam. All of our pretest questions were written by PALS trained and certified medical doctors. Our pretest and exam questions are based on our 100% online PALS study guide.

You are free to take as many PALS pretests as you wish to help you prepare for the actual PALS exam. The topics that are covered on our practice exams will be similar to the topics that you will see on the final PALS exam.

Some sample questions from our practice exams are shown below:

Intro Practice

All of our PALS pretests are 100% original each time you take them, and they are structured in a multiple choice format. You are required to score 80% or higher to pass the PALS pretest or final. Our PALS pretests are the perfect way to prepare for the PALS final as they can show you areas that you need to improve on before taking the final.

We provide you with information on the questions you missed, and you have an unlimited number of exam attempts for both the pretest and final. You may review the study guide as much as you wish prior to taking the pretest or final PALS test.