At the PALS Certification Institute, we provide you with fast and complete online PALS training with no hidden costs or extra purchases. Upon passing the PALS exam you will receive a free instant email PALS card. You may access our course from any computer any time, 24/7.

Our 100% online PALS course was developed by certified and licensed U.S. physicians, and it is accepted nationwide and internationally. Our course is based on the most recent AHA PALS provider manual and guidelines. You may read more details about our online PALS course below.

The Fast and Easy Way to Earn Your PALS Certification

We offer the fastest and easiest online PALS certification or recertification courses currently available. Our 100% online PALS courses were developed and approved by certified physicians. Upon passing the PALS exam you will receive 8 CEH for PALS certification or 4 CEH for PALS recertification. Your continuing education hours are provided by the NBECME (National Board for Emergency Continuing Medical Education).

PALS Provider Manual Written and Approved by Certified Physicians

Our PALS provider manual was developed by certified U.S. licensed physicians for the highest accuracy and quality possible. Our provider manual covers all of the PALS core cases and is organized in an accelerated but comprehensive format. The study guide is printable, and you may begin preparing for the PALS exam right after you buy the course. We will email you detailed information on how to use our course.

Get Your PALS Card 24/7, Anytime

You are free to take the PALS exam anytime you wish from any computer that has internet access. Your PALS exam is graded instantly after your answers are submitted, and you will instantly see your results. You must score 80% or higher to pass the final PALS test. If you pass, you are emailed a PDF card that shows your name, the date you completed the exam, and the day that your certification will expire. We will also ship you a wallet PALS card at no additional cost.

100% Online PALS Training

Our PALS study guide is 100% online. No additional purchases of extra study material are required. You can start preparing right after you sign up with our online PALS study guide and unlimited PALS pretests. Our pretests and study guide were developed by certified physicians and cover everything that you will be tested on during the official PALS exam.

The Fastest Way to Receive Your PALS Card

Our online PALS courses are the quickest way to receive your PALS certification or recertification card. Our online PALS course is available to you 24/7 and we also offer you a free instant email PALS card. Your card is shipped to your home address 1 business day after you pass the PALS exam.

Developed and Accredited by PALS Certified Physicians

Our PALS course was developed and accredited by licensed PALS certified physicians, which makes our course higher in quality than most other online PALS courses. Our PALS courses were also approved for continuing education credit by the NBECME. The Board approves medical certification courses based on accuracy and adherence to the latest AHA guidelines. Our accredited course teaches you the latest AHA and ILCOR recommended PALS knowledge currently available.

Study Anytime You Want

Our course allows you to study on your time, anytime you want, unlike traditional classroom based PALS courses. You have as much time as you would like to access our course and prepare for the final PALS exam. You can fit our course into your schedule, and we do not require any in person classroom sessions.

Unlimited PALS Pretests

At no additional cost we offer unlimited 100% unique pretests that are created from a vast database of questions. The pretest questions are authored by licensed physicians and are based on topics that will be found on the final PALS exam. All of our practice exams are unique and may be taken as much as you wish before taking the final PALS exam.

Receive CEH/CMEs for Course Completion

The PALS Certification Institute through the NBECME provides you with 8 CEH/CMEs for PALS certification and 4 CEH/CMEs for PALS recertification. You may use our CEH for your continuing education requirements.

No Skills Test Required

Our course does not require an in-person clinical skills test to be completed prior to receiving your PALS card. You can access our course from any computer, mobile device, or tablet that is connected online. If your employer requires a PALS clinical skills test, we can send you information on how to take a PALS clinical skills test from a local skills instructor. Our PALS course will meet the clinical skills test requirements of most organizations and employers.

Unlimited Exam Retakes

We offer unlimited free PALS exam retakes. We will show you the questions that you answered incorrectly so that you may go back and study the appropriate sections before the next exam attempt.

PALS Wallet Card Mailed To Your Home Address For Free

Your free PALS hard copy card will arrive via USPS first class mail to your home within 3-5 business days. The card shows your name, the date you completed the exam, your instructor’s name and the day your card is up for renewal. We also offer next business day shipping as an option if you require your card more quickly.

Satisfaction and Course Access

We offer 100% course access to all past customers - even after passing the final exam. Study material, practice exams and video review are available to refresh your skills. You will be sent reminder emails when your certification is set to expire. All purchases are final once made and any feedback to improve our course must be submitted via email to

Verisign (SSL) Secured Payment

We offer Verisign SSL security and several payment options including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express cards. You may pay anytime - 24/7 - and receive immediate course access. We protect your billing information with Verisign digital security, the leading solution for safe shopping online. We also protect your information with TRUSTe privacy.